Thursday, April 28, 2016

Inside The Instagram !

Members of Instagram can:
Upload photos to multiple social media networks instantly. (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Follow special interest groups. (Fishing, Beauty, Cars, Sports, Tattoos,)
Follow other members such as celebrities and friends.
Highlight and share important events in your life through photography.
Instagram Terms
Post- Photos you share on Instagram.
Tagging- a link to a profile page or group of photos.
Followers- people who have access to your Instagram information.
To Comment
To Like- a “thumbs up” or a signal that you like, approve, agree, with what someone
Notification- a signal that someone has or wants to interact with you.
Profile page (collection of your things) set up in a timeline format.
Navigation Bar: located at the bottom of your screen
Instagram on your device vs. Instagram online
You will need either an Android or iOS (Apple) device to use Instagram. Recently Instagram
has upgraded it online website to enable you to control you account a little more.
View your home page
View/Edit your profile
Like/Comment on Photos
On your device
View your home page
View/Edit your profile
Like/Comment on Photos
Add photos
Follow/Unfollow members
View who you’re following and who
is following you.
Change Privacy Settings
View Popular photos
View which photos your friends like.

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