Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Do People Tweet?

People tweet about the things they think about. Here are some example tweets:
„ Business news. “Today's burger is "The BLT Burger" featuring lettuce, tomato, and
bacon! Simple and delicious.”
„ Observations about life. "I imagine that the street signs in heaven will be printed in
„ Interesting things to read. "You gotta love this: Monopoly gets reinvented for its 75th
anniversary with debit cards, round board |”
„ New blog posts. “Is Your Company More Interesting Than My Wife? (Facebook,
content, & the fight for attention) "
„ A humorous take on life events. "Who would have thought this granola-eating
hippie with a liberal arts education would write a biz book? Life really is amazing."
„ Inspiring thoughts. "I'm living proof that dreams can come true. I love my work/
company/partner/employees. It’s great to make a living doing what you love."
„ Professional news. "The NYT included my website in a list of just FIVE recommended
grammar blogs! Wow!"
„ Workaday life details. "It's so hard to entrust work to others, and yet so rewarding
when they come back with great results. I need to delegate more!"
„ Business issues and challenges. " What if a fraction of the time spent talking about
why social media is so spiffy and how to do it the bestest went into writing new
„ Family life details. "Excited for my daughter who made the varsity soccer team as a

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