Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a unique conversation tool that allows you
to send and receive short messages (called tweets)
within your Twitter community.
Your Twitter community consists of:
„ People You Follow. You define your community
by following other Twitter users. You see the
tweets created by everyone you follow.
Following someone means that you subscribe to
their tweets.
„ People Who Follow You. Other people read
your tweets and decide to follow you. Your
followers see the tweets you send out.
What Are Tweets?
Tweets are short, only 140 characters long, so they are
easy to skim.
The Twitter website says you tweet to answer the
question “What’s happening?” It might be more accurate to say that you tweet to answer the
question “What are you thinking about?”
Perhaps you think it would be boring to read what people have for lunch or about their
commute in traffic. Fortunately, most tweets are not about those things. Instead, you learn
the major events and the small details about the business and personal lives of the people
you follow.

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