Thursday, April 28, 2016

Your Twitter Goals

Before you jump into the Twitter waters, you need
to decide your Twitter goals.
Why do you want to use Twitter?
„ For business communication (to build
community with your customers, vendors,
and other related business people)
„ To keep in touch with your peers or keep an
eye on your competitors
„ To reach out to potential customers
„ To drive traffic to your website or blog
If you are new to Twitter and social media, it may
take you a while to define your Twitter goals.
That’s okay. Get your feet wet, explore what
Twitter has to offer, and think about what you
Why Your Goals Matter
Your Twitter goals impact everything you do on Twitter. They determine your account
settings and whom you decide to follow. After you use Twitter for a while, you develop a
greater understanding of what is possible. This may change your Twitter goals, also.
Start thinking about your Twitter goals now.

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