Thursday, April 28, 2016

Twitter Is Like A Party

Twitter is a new communication form. Until you use
it, you might not understand it easily. After you use it,
there isn’t an easy way to explain it to others. Everyone
must make the same journey to understand it.
But after you start using it, you’ll see how it can be a
powerful tool in your business communications. This
ebook will help you make that jump.
Party Metaphor
There is no great way to explain Twitter to new users.
The most effective metaphor is to compare Twitter to a
huge cocktail party.
„ Twitter is like walking through a large party and
eavesdropping on conversations as you walk
past people.
„ You invited these people to attend your party for
a specific reason. However, once they arrive, they are free to talk about anything on
their minds.
This metaphor explains some of the Twitter features, but doesn’t explain them all.
Twitter was created by a software development team to solve their own communication
challenges. They took features from other communication tools like email, chat, and instant
messaging and mashed them together to create Twitter. There’s nothing else quite like it.

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